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'120 yrs of experience' Ex-SAS squad destroying Putin's elite mercenaries in fast ambushes

An elite squad of ex-British Army soldiers have reportedly killed up to 20 Russian generals and 15 Wagner mercenaries. The 12-strong unit has spent six weeks targeting Russian officers and undermining Moscow’s advances in Ukraine. In an ambush last month they killed 15 of the feared Russian Wagner mercenaries.

The British Ministry of Defence said the Wagner Group has been involved in helping Russia’s war effort in Ukraine.

However, the role of the private company in fighting for the Kremlin’s military interests is officially denied by Moscow.

Officials from the UK claim the Wagner mercenaries are being used in Ukraine to make up for high Russian troop losses.

A source spoke to the Daily Star and said: “They have around 120 years of special forces experience between them.

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Members of the unit spoke to the Daily Star and said: “They know they can’t afford to be taken prisoner because in all likelihood they will be tortured, tried and executed as foreign mercenaries.”

This week two British men who were captured while serving with Ukraine’s armed forces were sentenced to death by a Russian military court in Donetsk.

The news comes as Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said the Russians have suffered heavy losses since the war began on February 24.

In a statement, he said: “Do you remember how Russia hoped to capture the entire Donbas by early May?

“It is now the 108th day of the war, Donbas is holding on.

“The losses suffered by the occupiers, including in this area, are extremely significant.

“In total, the Russian army today has about 32,000 dead souls.

“For what? What did it get you Russia?”



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