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4 Tech Gems to Make Your Gaming Laptop Faster

Video gaming, or being a gamer, is a great way to spend your free time.

If you play an online multiplayer game, it is a great way to make friends while also reducing stress and having fun in a fantasy world. 

But it comes at a price! Most gaming PCs and laptops are more expensive than their standard counterparts, meaning that if you want to set up a gaming device to have fun with, it will probably be costly.

Although, this is not the only drawback. Gaming puts a large strain on any computer system. So, you may find after a while that your gaming laptop stalls or becomes slower. Not fun if you were winning in World of Warcraft!

How can you prevent this from happening? Here are four nifty ways to help your gaming laptop run faster. 

Defrag the hard drive

This is basic maintenance.

Laptops for gaming are great at storing files and saving where you got up to. Although, they may gradually begin to slow down. Then, your system will begin saving the files in areas where there is space rather than with any similar files, which can cause issues with restarting games, etc.

Defragmenting the hard drive resolves this. It ensures that all of the same data files are kept together, allowing you to get faster access to any saved files from your games. It can really speed things up too!

Flush the RAM and clear the cache

Caches are vital for gaming. They preserve the data that has been recalled by your computer already. Like the hard drive, the cache can become full over time, rendering it slower. 

If you clear it once a month, your computer will become more efficient and will be able to keep up. The RAM may also be full of now obsolete processes that may be slowing your computer down. If you flush the RAM at the same time as you clear the cache, the computer will stay up to speed.

But there are some upgrade tips too that can make your gaming computer faster. 

Install an SSD

A solid-state drive or SSD is a readily available upgrade. 

They are designed to be compatible with most computers, but once fitted, they can increase the speed of your computer, making data retrieval instantaneous. They also allow you to play fast-paced computer games without slowing down. So, these are well worth the money if you can get them.

Get more RAM

RAM was mentioned before, and if you want to have a fast gaming laptop, you will likely need to get more RAM. 

This, like an SSD card, is an affordable and easy-to-fit option, as most laptops have 2-4 slots for additional RAM.

Most computers have between 4 and 8GB of RAM. For gaming, this isn’t enough. Gaming computers always have more. But you can always add additional RAM to speed up your games even further. This will also prevent them from crashing and allow you to see every aspect of the game’s immersive graphics. 

Just make sure that your computer brand can support more RAM being added to it.



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