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‘50% saving on bills!’ ‘Most power-hungry’ kitchen appliances – ‘significant way to save’

Instead, Paul advised measuring out the correct amount of water needed. He said: “Add just enough water for your mug (your kettle normally has lines to indicate what is enough for one mug) and you could see a 50 percent saving on your bills compared to using a full kettle. That means if you have five hot drinks a day, you’re saving £365 a year.”

As an alternative to an electric kettle, homeowners can boil water on a gas hob. As gas is cheaper than electricity, it could save you a small amount.

3. Oven 

On average, an electric oven consumes 0.8kWh of energy every hour, costing around 40p per hour. While that may not sound like much, across the year it equates to around £300, according to the expert.

It’s a known fact that build up of grime can actually cause an oven to work harder to heat up food as the build up also absorbs the heat.

The expert suggested: “It may be best to get the Marigolds out and to give your oven a thorough clean, or alternatively switch to an air-fryer, which is better when it comes to saving energy.”

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