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‘Absolute disgrace’ UK drivers fume at staggering £1.6billion spend on EV chargers

Drivers of petrol and diesel cars in the UK are furious at the enormous investment into electric vehicles by the Government as the cost of petrol still sits at a record high and the Chancellor’s 5p fuel duty cut shows little sign of making much difference to the average motorist.

Against the looming ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, the Department for Transport last week committed to a two year extension of the Plug-In Van and Truck Grants in a bid to support the purchasing of EVs by businesses.

And that was swiftly followed by the announcement of £1.6billion in spending to support charging infrastructure.

The funding will mean that there will eventually be five times more electric chargepoints in Britain than petrol pumps.

But meanwhile the cost of driving for millions is sky-rocketing.

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One commenter, ‘Duncanwalker1’, said: “ALL Politicians are simply playing a game with the voters.

“They all know that this net zero is all talk and BS and is never going to happen and are trying to pretend they are on track to switch to electric vehicles with tricks like this.

“They know if people actually did switch the grid would collapse the moment they all tried to charge their cars.”

And ‘UK264’ concurred, writing: “Absolute disgrace! Where’s the rest of the world in all this?”

Others debated the true savings of EVs, with ‘TBarham’ asking “If energy prices are going up by 50 off percent doesn’t that include the electricity for these cars?”

Electric car owner ‘EVs aren’t as bad as you think’ replied: “Yep. My “tank” of electricity is going up from £4 to £7 next month. I do 300 miles on that. Think I’ll cope.”

But ‘Tazer’ responded: “How nice to be so smug.

“How much longer do you think the Govt’ are going to allow the massive loss they are sustaining on EV’s with little or no tax etc, to continue once a majority are using ‘Green’ vehicles?”

Elsewhere, ‘Cheesypeas’ asked: “How can anyone be surprised by more chargers being built?

“The government is going to stop building petrol cars by 2030. They’re obviously building them fast, if anything, not fast enough.

“I guess some people just like paying £100 to fill up instead of £10.”

‘BMcGifford’ replied: “The government will have get back the money lost by reduced petrol/ diesel cars useage – that can only come from increased tax on electricity.

“The big question is will this tax be across the board (all households pay) or only households with an EV (separate charging point) installed.”



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