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Add £8k to you house value and save £580 on bills with surprising interior update

How to choose the right boiler

The team at British Gas has shared some top tips to help you invest in a reliable, high-performance boiler to future-proof your home.

Check the ErP rating

All new boilers come with an ErP rating, which is a standardised system to help customers understand efficiency and compare products.

The highest rating for a boiler is ‘A’ and the lowest is ‘G’. A-rated boilers are more likely to save you money on your heating bills because they’re more energy-efficient. In fact, you can save up to £580 a year on your energy bills if you upgrade from a G-rated boiler to a new A-rated one.


The power of your boiler is another key specification to be aware of and so it’s important to work out how powerful a boiler needs to be to meet your needs. Normally shown in kilowatts (kW), it determines how much hot water and heating can be supplied to your home. In short, a more powerful boiler will be able to heat more radiators and provide more hot water, which is helpful if you’ve got multiple bathrooms or a larger home.

The British Gas online boiler questionnaire will help you understand which kind of boiler you need for your home:



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