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Aldi shoppers praise £2.99 anti-ageing serum as ‘a must for older skin’

A nourishing, hydrating serum is the foundation of a good anti-ageing skincare routine, but buying a good quality one can cost anywhere from £20 to £100. Unless you’re an Aldi shopper, of course.

Aldi is known for the fantastic value of their Specialbuys, but one category that’s really starting to gain popularity is beauty. Skincare devotees have been seriously impressed by the high-quality formulations and noticeable results they are getting from the products.

One such product that is seriously impressing users is the Lacura Q10 Multi-Intensive Serum, and it’s only £2.99.

Buy: Aldi (£2.99)

One happy customer who’s tried out some of the more expensive products on the market said this one really works, noticeable effect, smooth skin. “As effective as much more expensive creams”.

The carefully formulated serum from Lacura is designed to be used daily as a defence against the visible signs of ageing, with ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, Aquarich and a peptide complex to keep your skin looking hydrated, radiant, and nourished.

As well as the significant anti-ageing benefits, the serum also works wonders on skin texture, with one reviewer saying: “I use this serum every day under moisturiser. It’s a boost for my dry sensitive skin.

Buy: Aldi (£2.99)

“It really helps and seems to improve my skin texture”.

Another long-time fan of the serum said they “have used this as part of my daily skincare routine for the past few years. Can not fault it.

“Smooth to apply, smells good and absorbs well, not greasy at all”. The non-greasy texture of the serum means it’s perfect for wearing under makeup.

You can buy the Lacura Q10 Multi-Intensive Serum from Aldi here.



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