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'Allow your lawn to breath': Lawn care pro says 'scarify' the garden in early April

A gardening professional who owns a lawn care and gardening company has advised Britons to put scarification at the top of their gardening agenda for April.

How to scarify your lawn

To scarify your lawn, pull a rake across the grass vigorously.

If this kind of movement is not possible, Britons can buy or hire electric scarification machines.

The organic matter can be used to create mulch for your flowerbeds.

Mulch is used in flowerbeds to suffocate weeds and make the soil nutrient-dense.

April lawncare jobs

Start mowing the grass regularly

Start by mowing once every week and upping to every five days if growth is rapid.

Remove moss from the lawn

Kill moss on your lawn with Iron Sulphate.

Get rid of weeds

It’s a great time to apply a weed killer, whether across the whole lawn or spot removing weeds with an item like a hori hori knife.

Lay seed

If you have bare patches, lay down grass seed to fill the space.

Feed the grass

Put down a grass feeder to give your garden a boost.

Sam recently detailed a product he uses to produce greener grass in just two hours. 

He called TotalLawn Instant Green a “special product” after using it on his own grass.

He said: “Within two hours you are supposed to see and noticeable difference, and I’m guessing the reason why is the main ingredient, chelated iron.”

After using the product on his lawn, Sam said: “I think you’d agree, the greener colour certainly came through.

“I really can’t complain. I’m really happy with how that’s turned out, even though it was only two hours, the minimum time.”



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