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Amateur goalkeeper fumes over 'horrific officiating' as opponent avoids red card for punch

An amateur goalkeeper has gone viral on social media after sharing footage of what he called “horrific officiating” following a violent incident in a non-league match. The incident occurred during a league match between Midlands sides Aylestone Park and Clifton All Whites on Saturday afternoon.

The United Counties League Division One game between the teams from Leicester and Nottingham ended 3-3, but the result, which left Aylestone in sixth place and Clifton in 12th, is not what got tongues wagging. Instead it was a moment just 15 minutes into the game.

A video posted on Twitter by Clifton goalkeeper Beau Watson shows Aylestone forward Beckray Besong running with the ball into the penalty area. A heavy touch allows a Clifton defender to easily shepherd the ball out of play, but that is far from the end of things.

Besong tries to kick the ball over to the goalkeeper to restart play but the defender inadvertently gets in his way. A furious Besong then lashes out, hitting the unsuspecting Clifton defender over the back of the head while his back is turned.

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According to Watson – the goalkeeper who took matters into his own hands – he received a red card, while Besong escaped with a yellow. He wrote on Twitter: “Red Player: yellow for punching. Me: Red for a little push. Horrific officiating.”

Watson’s video has racked up over 600,000 views at the time of writing, sparking plenty of comments from its viewers. “Not sure if football or WWE?!” wrote one commenter. “Went for the ball, just mistimed the tackle,” replied Watson with some laughing emojis.

“Imagine having the confidence to post this thinking you’re in right. Yes the punch is tragic but you’re is way worse [sic],” added another commenter. “Goalie just wants to show off his hit, which is impressive,” wrote another. “Would be more impressive if he was expecting the hit… not hard to put someone flying when they aren’t expecting a hit,” said another.

“Sorry but that’s 2 reds,” wrote another fan. “The yellow for the punch is disgusting and its that kind of reffing that leads to players taking justice into their own hands.”



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