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Angry Russians lose it with Putin – 'Frightening' Ukraine war openly attacked on state TV

Pro-Russia host Vladimir Soloviyev has had two guests on his shows express negative views of the situation in Ukraine, comparing it to the disastrous Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

A separate Ministry of Defence channel, a serving Russian army officer, criticised the deaths of their soldiers in Ukraine, according to the Telegraph.

Mr Soloviyev had to interrupt guests during his primetime talk show who were speaking out against the war started by Putin, an offence punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Filmmaker and state pundit Karen Shakhnazarov shared his opinion with Mr Soloviyev, stating: “I have a hard time imagining taking cities such as Kyiv.

“I can’t imagine how that would look.

“If this picture starts to transform into an absolute humanitarian disaster, even our close allies like China and India will be forced to distance themselves from us.

“This public opinion, with which they’re saturating the entire world, can play out badly for us…

“Ending this operation will stabilise things within the country.”

Later during one of Russia’s most-watched shows, ‘An Evening with Vladimir Soloviyev’, guest panellist and academic Semyon Bagdasarov said: “Do we need to get into another Afghanistan, but even worse?

“We don’t need that.

“Enough already.”

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The Kremlin has attempted to keep the Russian population in the dark about the truth of their “special operation”, in which they claim they are freeing Russians in Ukraine from neo-Nazis.

The Russian government has enforced their propaganda by taking independent stations off-air and blocking some social media channels.

However, some information seems to be filtering through to the people, as thousands have been protesting against Putin’s military actions.



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