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Anti-social bright green Lamborghini seized as driver 'ignored warnings'

The vehicle was spotted by a patrol, who saw the sports car being driven in an “anti-social manner” in Fallowfield, Manchester, Sunday evening. They then pulled the driver over and issued him with a warning under section 59 of the Police Reform Act – which gives officers the power to seize vehicles being used to cause alarm, distress, or annoyance to members of the public and are being driven in a “careless and inconsiderate” manner.

Despite a warning that continuing to drive like that would see the expensive car seized and taken away by police, the driver didn’t listen, Manchester Evening News reports.

Before long officers once again saw the vehicle causing a nuisance, and swooped in to seize the car, leaving the driver without a set of wheels.

Greater Manchester Police’s traffic division posted about the seizure on their Twitter page.

The post read: “This Lamborghini had been sighted being driven in a anti social manner earlier this evening on Wilmslow Road, having been warned under S59, the driver then continued to drive in such manner! Car seized and hes been reported for driving without due care and attention.”

The post was popular with other users, with many praising GMP for following through with the warning they’d handed to the driver earlier in the evening. One said: “Well driver was warned what did they expect?”

Another claimed to have heard similar anti-social behaviour from cars using the area, and expressed relief that work was being done to tackle the problem. 

Other responses included: “Well done all. If they don’t listen take their toy away. Permanently please.”

“That colour is a crime in itself.”

“That’s the only reason anybody buys/hires one of these things. How can people with that attitude be allowed on the roads at all?”

“If this idiot can afford a Lambo, he can afford to drive responsibly!”



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