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'Anything but level' Former MEP pinpoints key reason stopping 'Brexit red tape bonfire'

Pro-Brexit businessman Ben Habib believes the recent blocking of an EU law that would have cost some Britons an extra £50 each year is a “great example of how Brexit could be made to work for the UK”. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps agreed the law was “nonsensical” and hailed the act of “taking back control”.

But Mr Habib insisted the Government can only now do so much to make the most of being outside the EU because of blunders during post-Brexit negotiations.

The Brexit Watch Chairman believes Whitehall made a major misstep when it signed up to a “dreaded” level playing field with the Brussels bloc through the Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation agreements.

Negotiated by former Brexit Minister Lord Frost and signed by the Prime Minister, Mr Habib argues it bound the UK to EU diktat on a range of key policy areas.

The former MEP told “Sadly, the country is unable to have a bonfire of EU regulations.

“Many of the laws to which we were subject as a member state have been committed to by the Government in its Brexit deal.

“At the heart of that deal is the dreaded level playing field (LPF), which is anything but level.”

He added: “As a result of our LPF obligations we have signed into EU laws on state aid, competition, employment and, perhaps worst of all, the environment.”

Deep within the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the Government bound itself to “its ambition of achieving economy-wide climate neutrality by 2050”.

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Savings from the blocking of added car insurance costs for Britons with ride-on lawnmowers and golf buggies failed to match up to the burdensome cost resulting from this tie, Mr Habib stressed.

The new Minister for Brexit Opportunities has insisted the benefits of our withdrawal from the Brussels bloc “keep rolling along”.

These, according to Mr Habib, are “miniscule” compared to what they could have been.

He told “I welcome the savings made by ejecting absurd EU regulations.

“These are, however, a minuscule saving compared to what we could have achieved if Boris Johnson had genuinely taken back control of our laws.” approached the Government for comment.



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