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‘Are we still talking about this!?’ Partygate fines branded ‘much ado about nothing’

In a poll that ran from 11am on Monday, April 4 to 4pm on Tuesday, April 5, asked its readers if they thought Boris Johnson should resign if he received a fine from the police for breaking lockdown laws – or if they even cared. 

The poll gathered thousands of responses, with the majority of results a resounding: “No”

First, asked: “Should Boris Johnson resign if fined by Met Police over lockdown parties?”

A total of 6,872 people voted, with 73 percent saying “no”, 26 percent voting “yes” and one percent saying they did not know. 

Second, asked: “Do you care if Boris Johnson attended a lockdown party?”

Here, 6,781 people voted, with 67 percent saying “no”, 31 percent saying “yes”, and one percent saying they did not know. 

In the comments left below the poll, a debate broke out over whether or not these issues matter, and whether the Government should be trusted. 

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Username Spooks defended Boris Johnson, writing: “No government in living memory has ever had to deal with so much at one time. They have done a good job.”

But responding to this comment, username Duncan 1992 said: “Are you saying that doing good with one hand gives the other the right to break the law? 

“It really isn’t an excuse. Neither is breaking the law because others were too. That’s a recipe for anarchy.”

But username The Artful Codger agreed with Spooks, writing: “Love or loathe him, he has had the most difficult years of any prime minister, and is the best of an extremely poor bunch.”

And, username Radiotimes jumped in, saying: “Absolutely, he should have resigned months ago – in fact, he was never suitable for the job in the first place!”

Others said they thought the Prime Minister was being treated unfairly for political gain, with username 6timessandon writing: “He’s doing a great job and the opposition knows it. 

“That’s why they are making such a big deal of these petty ‘parties’.”

And, username Silverbells wrote: “For goodness sake, give it a bloody rest. No, he shouldn’t resign, all this Boris bashing is absolutely pathetic.”

Username John994 added: “No, he should not resign. He should pay the fine and move on. Much ado about nothing.”

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Others said they felt there were bigger issues at play in the world today, and that this issue should be shut now. 

Thanet Police have been investigating 12 gatherings in Downing Street on eight occasions to see if COVID-19 regulations were broken. 

User GJMERRUK wrote with a hint of sarcasm: “Ukraine fighting for its country, Europe bracing itself for escalation and [the UK is] still worried about a knees up…oh well, got to get the priorities right!”

Some, however, were more critical of the Prime Minister, and indicated they might consider these events the next time they are at the ballot box. 

A bumper set of local elections are coming up in England, Scotland and Wales on May 5 with 200 council seats up for grabs, which will prove a major test for the Tories. 

Username Caribidus wrote: “The local elections will be an indicator of how people feel. 

“Eventually, there will be a General Election. Until then, just carry on with more important issues in your lives.”

And username DoggyDay added: “The Tories are going to take a hit in the local elections, people will make their anger known.”



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