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Austria: Huge explosion decimates building after chemical blast 'shakes whole city'

The explosion occured shortly after 1.30pm on Thursday at Krems Chemie Chemical Services AG, a chemical company in Krems, Austria. Demolition work was taking place at the building at the time. According to district fire brigade commander Martin Boyer, two people were in the building when the explosion occured.

One person was rescued from the building with injuries but rescue teams are still searching for the other.

Mr Boyer told APA that “half the building was swept away” by the explosion, which was heard across the region.

One person in Krems at the time said: “The whole city was shaking.”

The accident is thought to have been caused by an exploding gas tank.

Emergency services are on the scene.

According to the Krems Chemie Chemical Services AG, the situation is under control and no chemicals have leaked from the site.

In a press release following the incident, it said: “The rescue chain was immediately set in motion and the cooperation between the company fire brigade and the rescue forces worked perfectly.”

According to the company, the investigation will “begin immediately”.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg. 




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