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Barbaric Putin plot for public Ukraine massacres after cities captured to 'break morale'

However, in a terrifying report, European intelligence officials claim the Kremlin is plotting to stage public executions after Ukrainian cities have been occupied in order to “break morale”. The source who revealed Putin’s plans is reportedly an anonymous official, who claims to have seen documents from Russia’s intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service, Bloomberg reported.

The news comes as the invasion of Ukraine enters its eighth day with mounting fears of mass casualties in the besieged port city of Mariupol.

On Thursday, Russian forces seized control of the key southern port city of Kherson and loud blasts were heard in Kyiv.

The Russian military has stated it controls the port city, and local Ukrainian officials have confirmed Russian forces have taken over local government headquarters in the Black Sea port of 280,000 people.

This is the first major city to fall since the start of the invasion.

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“There is a real threat of nuclear danger in the biggest atomic energy station in Europe.”

However, reports claim the reactors have not been damaged and radiation levels are normal.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has assured essential equipment had not been affected by the fire.

In a statement the group announced: “The real threat to Ukrainian lives continues to be the violent invasion and bombing of their country.”

The deadly conflict has displaced thousands of Ukraine residents as many flee their homes, while others have found after emerging from bomb shelters they no longer jhave a home to return to.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) revealed about 660,000 refugees have left the country, while another million have been internally displaced.



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