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Bayern Munich urged to target 'complete' Tottenham star Harry Kane to replace Lewandowski

He added: “I wasn’t surprised. You could see it a bit because of the development. For a player like him, it’s legitimate to want to do something new at some point. We all have such thoughts and phases. I think that you can agree on both sides without there having to be a fuss. It’s difficult, but now that the summer break is over, there’s enough time to find a good solution for both sides.

“It is important that both sides are satisfied in the end. As it stands, Robert would like to leave in the summer. Bayern says at the moment: ‘No’. That’s understandable, but they have plenty of time in the summer to make sure to get replacements. This has happened to other players as well.

“Thiago also wanted to go, so it was possible. It would be nice if a solution is found so that both sides are successful: Lewy and Bayern in the future. That’s the most important.”



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