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BBC QT: Audience emerges in boos as businessman declares ‘Boris has delivered’

Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, a businessman and farmer known as the “black farmer”, said he would forgive “anything” as long as people deliver results. Mr Emmanuel Jones, who was an unsuccessful Tory candidate in the 2010 General Election, claimed his party will be “punished” in the local elections.

He said: “Well I predict that we will be punished but this sort of stuff tends to happen halfway through a Parliament.

“One of the questions that I was hoping to come up was this thing between partygate and beergate.

“One of the things that we have to start looking at is when you just start to just rake up dirt. If you look deep enough you can always find people who have done things wrong.

“I think what we need to try and do with our politics is to be results driven. Rather than at the moment it’s all about personality.

“I just think that actually if we do get punished what everybody needs to focus on is who is the party that is going to deliver?

“And I will forgive anything, I will forgive people who make mistakes whilst they deliver.

“And if we do get a slight beating, I hope that when we come to the big election people say we’re going to vote on who delivers results.

“Love him or hate him – we have to say that Boris has delivered.”

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“Basically it comes down to personal choice, really what is it that you care about?

“Do you care about sending a message? Do you care about local services?

“One thing I will say is that if you voted today to remove Boris Johnson.

“To send a message to the Tories that they should get rid of Boris Johnson I think you are going to be disappointed.

“Because my sense now from Conservative MPs is that they want to move on from all of this.

“They don’t see someone who is a viable alternative to him.”



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