BBC Weather: Freezing Arctic blast grips UK over the next 48 hours amid snow risk

The UK is braced for freezing temperatures across this weekend, as the country endures a bitter Arctic weather front. According to the latest BBC forecast, there will be a “big chill” over the next 48 hours before a “big weather change arrives”. BBC meteorologist Owain Wyn Evans told BBC Breakfast that “it is going to be cold this weekend, and it could feel even colder as the day pushes on”.

He warned parts of Scotland could see a mix of rain, sleet and snow on Saturday evening and into Sunday.

Mr Evans explained: “It is a dry story over the next two days for most of us.

“We are currently sitting in an area of high pressure.

“We also have this weather front which will move into western parts of Scotland across Saturday.”

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He continued: “We are also sitting in an area of cold air, as you can see in the airmass charts. That has been with us for the last couple of days and it will stay with us for the time being.

“Our top temperatures will reach about 7C today at best.

“We see a repeat performance this evening as we see temperatures slide away.

“The weather front will push its way across Scotland and down the eastern coast, moving down towards the south.

He said next week will see the arrival of more unsettled weather, with temperatures climbing slightly to 11C on Monday.

On Wednesday, the jet stream will see areas of low pressure move across the UK, introducing unsettled wet and windy weather.

A weather map, by Netweather, shows temperatures are set to range from -3C to 2C across the UK this weekend.

This comes amid reports of a 500-mile wide “Scandinavian surge” which could see temperatures colder than Iceland.

The freezing weather comes after February saw both the highest and lowest temperatures of winter.

Lows of -23C were recorded in Aberdeenshire on February 11, while the hottest day of the year was on February 24 when the mercury rose to 18.4C in Suffolk.

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