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BBC Weather: UK facing showers after blasting heat as map shows exactly where it will rain

The UK is gearing up for lower temperatures next week after an intense episode of heat hit the country that saw temperatures rise up to 33 degrees Celsius. As BBC Weather’s meteorologist Matt Taylor points out in his weather forecast, Britons should experience some relief after a wave of hot weather days. The bulk of the rain, however, should mainly stay in Northern areas, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Speaking to BBC viewers, weather forecaster Matt Taylor said: “As we got into next week, as I said, Northern and Western areas should see the bulk of the rain to the south and east staying largely dry and warm enough during the middle part of the week. Overall, though, a fairly cool spell of weather here.”

Going back to this weekend’s forecast, he showed some rain mostly in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

He said: “Just a few showers there off the shore of Blackpool.

“Now, you’re asking about rainfall this weekend. And I’m going to say, we could do some with some for the gardens neatly.

Mr Taylor went on to show where the rain is going to fall during the next five days.

Mr Taylor said: “The key thing is eastern and north areas – the lighter blues, very little rainfall – in fact, for some across east and southeast 1 or 2 mm could be expected. Of course, good news for Wimbledon. Darker colours where the bulk of the rain will be in these brighter edges. We can see about 2 to 3 inches of rain this week across the Hills in the West.

“And that’s all because, in Western areas, you’re going to be closer to areas of low pressure. It’s going to become slow-moving and stuck. One is around this weekend, which is going to slowly close in, bringing something a bit wetter for tomorrow. But today, a mixture of sunshine and showers, especially in western areas.

“And you’ve got those showers around which you can see in Somerset, and we can see them that across other western parts as well. So, taking you through the day (Saturday), many eastern areas are fine but low cloud so far this morning in the northeast of Scotland. It’s clearing through.”

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“The heavy rain in Northern Ireland will become lighter and patchy, may be brightening up towards western areas. But we will see more showers developing through the western half of England, Wales and also into central and southern Scotland.

Despite the rain coming in, they should move quickly as a breeze will blow across the country, especially in the West.

Mr Taylor continued: “Late in the day we could see some clouds developing East Anglia and towards the East. Temperatures here 21-22 degrees Celsius. The warmest areas are in the Murray Firth. 21 celsius as well. Just 16 to 18 in the West.

“This evening and overnight, still some showers around but they will gradually fade away. And then, longer spells of rain back into Northern Ireland, and later in the night northwest Wales and maybe towards Northwest England and West Scotland. The winds starting to get gale force here. Further east, breezy but it should be dry and clear, temperatures like last night around 9 to 12 degrees Celsius to start Sunday morning.”

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