BBC's Laura Kuenssberg in talks to step down as broadcaster's political editor

The deal has yet to be signed off and there has been no confirmed time frame, but her departure is set to leave a major vacancy in the BBC. Political editors at the BBC are often moved to senior presenting roles ahead of general elections.

This allows their successors to get used to the position before a vote is held, the Guardian reported.

Ms Kuenssberg’s move to the Today programme would leave the Radio 4 morning political show with six hosts.

However, some presenters have contracts to present more shows than others.

Ms Kuenssberg became the first woman to hold the position of BBC political editor.

Her move will come amid a major shake-up of senior staff at the BBC.

Jo Sopel is stepping down as North America editor and will be returning to the UK.

It is believed he may be replaced in Washington DC by Sarah Smith.

Ms Smith is currently BBC Scotland editor and also presents the Today programme occasionally.

Mr Sopel’s return to the UK means he is also a candidate to be the new BBC political editor, after being previously connected to the job back in 2015.

A BBC spokesperson said: “The North America editor role is currently being advertised internally and the role will go through the normal recruitment process; it’s a bit soon to start speculating about the outcome of this, let alone other jobs which aren’t actually vacant.”

According to the Guardian, Andrew Marr will not be moving jobs after he was given a fresh contract to continue presenting his Sunday morning political interview show.

Sources have suggested this is due to his work producing BBC programmes expected to be broadcasted when the Queen dies.

More to follow…

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