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‘Be water-wise’: Washing up water hack for watering plants during hosepipe ban

Earlier this week, it was announced that water supplier Southern Water has issued a hosepipe ban to customer in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, starting on August 5. According to the Met Office, July 2022 has been the driest in England since 1911. With more hot weather in the coming weeks, hosepipe bans could be enforced across other parts of the country.

The hosepipe ban is likely to have an impact on Britons watering their gardens and plants.

With this in mind, Kate Turner, Miracle-Gro’s gardening expert, has shared a simple washing up water hack for watering plants without using a hosepipe.

Kate explained exclusively to “Don’t just leave the hose on all the time.

“Really think about what you’re watering.

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“But they must remember they still need watering when they’re first planted.

“It takes them a good season before you have to worry about then.

“Anything newly planted, whatever it is, will still need watering.”

Hanging baskets can be particularly vulnerable to drying out in the summer months.

The best time of day to water them is in the morning, preferably between 5am and 9am.

But hanging baskets in full sun may need watering more than once a day.

In fact, they may need to be drenched two or three times a day during particular dry spells.

When watering hanging baskets, Kate suggested putting pots underneath them has a clever watering hack.

She said: “If you’ve got a hanging basket, always have a container underneath hanging baskets because when you’ve got a hanging basket the water will come out and will water the pot underneath the basket.

“Or even if it’s not under it, move a pot under it so you’re watering two things at the same time.”



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