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'Beauty missile' The 'Spartan' characteristic that Kate shares with Michelle Obama

The Duchess, 40, and Mrs Obama, 58, both possess a physical characteristic previously associated with “intelligence and competence” – toned arms. Kate wowed royal fans with her impressive physique as she watched her husband, Prince William, compete in a charity polo match earlier this month.

As the Duchess donned a sleeveless white Emilia Wickstead dress for the event, royal watchers quickly spotted and praised Kate’s toned arms.

British author Lisa Hilton then pinpointed muscles as coming back into vogue for women as coinciding with the world noticing Michelle Obama’s gym-honed biceps and triceps.

She wrote in the Daily Mail: “The Duchess […] boasts that special something millions of women have longed for ever since Michelle Obama stepped over the White House threshold: perfectly toned arms.”

Dubbing Kate’s physique a “beauty missile” in the Duchess’s arsenal, she traced the lauding of muscular arms back to Ancient Greece.

She commented: “Yet while the Duchess’s sleeveless styles look fresh and modern, she is in fact invoking a venerable tradition.

“For like so many aspects of a woman’s appearance, the size of our arms is subject to a complex societal evolution which has seen them wax and wane over the centuries.”

She continued: “In the classical world, a toned female physique was associated with intelligence and competence — the sculpted Spartan girls were viewed as the era’s erotic pin-ups.”

Kate attended the Royal Charity Polo Cup earlier this month to cheer on Prince William as he took to the pitch.

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The Duchess then presented Prince William with a trophy just after the match.

A body language expert, then weighing in on the behaviour of the Duke and Duchess at the charity event, called the couple “flirtatious” and acting as if they were on a “first date”.

Analysing the footage and photos from the event, Judi James called the charity match a show of the couple’s “natural chemistry”.

She told the Mail: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s natural and co-ordinated chemistry together is easily illustrated during these kisses and other PDAs at polo.

“They manage to perform the more formal reward kiss perfectly while giving hints and cues to signal the actual depth of their relationship and how they would normally behave with more intimacy when they were out of public view.”

She added: “Kate’s mimed embrace at the start of the kiss as she throws both arms out to welcome William with the expression of a desire to hug shows how they are tempering or toning down their body language in public.

“This gesture shows how a full hug would be normal for the couple.”

She then zeroed in on Prince William slinging an arm around Kate’s waist, commenting: “They later walked off with their arms around each other’s waists, like a young couple on a first date.

“Their eye contact as they close in for the kiss. This level of close-quarters eye contact shows a very loving relationship.

“Kate’s eye-gaze even moves down to William’s lips, which is a flirtatious gesture.”



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