'Beggars belief!' Jeremy Corbyn demands extortionate tax hikes – 'Does he know he lost?!'

The former Labour leader has endorsed a petition from fellow radical socialist Richard Burgon calling for mega-increases in income taxes paid by hard-working Britons. Mr Corbyn said the Covid had “not only shone a spotlight on huge inequalities – it has deepened them” and it was time for reform.

He said the radical measures would “help tackle the poverty and inequality that scar our society”.

The hard-Left MP wants anyone earning over £80,000 a year to have their income tax increased to 45 percent.

Meanwhile, those earning over £123,000 a year would face a 50 percent income tax rate and those earning over £200,000 would pay a whopping 55 percent.

The petition endorsed by Mr Corbyn is being organised by Labour Assembly Against Austerity and is seeking to force a House of Commons vote on the matter.

Responding to the demands, one Tory MP told Express.co.uk: “He wrongly believes that you can make poor people richer by making rich people poorer.

“I am fascinated to find out which ‘successful socialist’ model he is following this time.

“It never works and never has worked, except for those at the top of the junta in control.”

Deputy Director of the Adam Smith Institute Matt Kilcoyne said it “beggars belief” they think the British people would endorse such proposals.

He said: “This is just another fantasy by left-wing politicians who don’t seem to have realised they’re not in power.

“It is yet another silly attention-seeking stunt that if implemented would leave the country poorer and it is best rejected, as the voting public instructed Parliament to do when it handed the Corbyn-led Labour Party its biggest defeat in decades at the last election.”

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