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Best US cities to relocate to this autumn for 'expat entrepreneurs' – 'place to call home'

The Expatnetwork explained the city received “flawless ratings on the treatment of its almost 1.5 million migrant residents by law enforcement authorities and their propensity to participate in public life as voters or public servants”.

Washington DC, also named as one of the best cities to move to, has the highest number of professionals in the country and despite having some of the highest earnings and rent, “there is no income or corporate income tax, making it one of the best US cities for expat entrepreneurs,” they explained.

Chula Vista, in California, is located between San Diego and the city of Tijuana, in Mexico, and is a great option due to its immigrant community’s financial empowerment.

The expat site explained: “It is understandable why the area’s quarter of a million migrants has an estimated four billion dollars in spending power.”

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