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Bloke with massive wedgie found sleeping half-naked on car by badger watcher

Tom Selby, from Cromer in Norfolk, thought the furry beasts were outside when he heard a commotion on Sunday morning. When he checked his CCTV he saw a man in just his socks and pants with an “outrageously violent wedgie” asleep on a parked car.

Mr Selby, who describes himself as a “keen badger-watcher”, often uses his CCTV to observe the creatures.

He said: “After hearing a little commotion and seeing a few bits on the floor the next morning, I scrolled through my CCTV to see what had happened.

“I stumbled across this man lying on the car with an outrageously violent wedgie.”

It comes after a driver in North Wales found a surprise on his car.

The mum continued: “I would suggest the person who wrote this note contacts the local council if they have a problem with the parking outside the property – instead of taking their frustration out on a young lad who just wants to work for a living and not cause mischief around the town like others his age.”

Colwyn Bay can suffer from inconsiderate parking in the tourist season, but the driver had parked outside the town centre where there are no restrictions, according to North Wales Live.

The driver received messages of support, including from one person who said: “No one has a right to tell anyone where they can and cannot park, as long as the car is insured, taxed and has an MOT.

“If he’s not actually blocking the driveway then what’s the problem?”

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Elsewhere, a Vauxhall Corsa was left with dozens of angry messages duct taped to it after the car blocked access to a house.

Believed to have been parked in Dovecot, Liverpool, the car is claimed to have prevented a skip from being collected from a home, apparently leading to extra charges.

The car was plastered with angrily typed-out pieces of paper, describing it as “selfish idiotic parking”.

The note added: “Parking right next to a bulging skip that’s due to be collected today has cost me a lot of time and money.”

It continued by saying the Vauxhall had parked in front of the property shortly after 8am.

The note claimed the “bulging” skip was meant to have been collected, but had been blocked in.

It ended that it was then 2pm and the Corsa was still blocking the skip.

As a result, the homeowner claimed they would have to pay extra charges because of the “selfish stupidity”.

The note concluded with bold capital letters, saying: “Do not park in front of my property again.”



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