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Boris Johnson must trigger Article 16 NOW – ‘Long overdue’

In a poll that ran from 11am on Monday, March 28, to midday on Tuesday, March 29, asked: “Do you think David Davis is right that now is the time to trigger Article 16?” In total, 7,696 people voted and hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article.

The vast majority of voters – 94 percent (7,203 people) – said “yes, it’s the right thing to do” while just six percent (455 people) answered “no, we need to stand together at this moment” and a further 38 people said they did not know.

In the comments, it was clear readers felt strongly about Article 16 – a safeguarding measure which would see parts of the Brexit deal suspended – being triggered.

Username NWO3 said: “Yes, Article 16 should be triggered and should have been triggered a long time ago.”

While username oss80 wrote: “Implementation of Article 16 is long overdue.”

And username LoonEducator’s Worst Nightmare! said: “Yes, trigger it and trigger it now. 

“Nearly six years since we voted to leave and we still aren’t out properly due to this nonsense.”

Others commented that the EU was blocking the UK from triggering Article 16, even though the action can be taken unilaterally. 

Username Summer.bay said: “Given the attitude of the EU the time is now right to trigger Article 16.”

Talks between the UK and EU over the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol are ongoing but triggering Article 16 would amount to suspending part of the Brexit deal, which could lead to serious diplomatic tensions.

Speaking to LBC this week, David Davis said: “It’s perfectly sensible, it’s a mechanism they should be willing to use.

“They should go the whole distance to try and get the EU to change and if they can’t, Article 16 is the way out. It was designed that way and that’s what they have to do.

“It’s not a great outcome in negotiating terms but it’s better than leaving Northern Ireland in the situation it’s in now.”



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