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Boris Johnson to face last-minute battles with Lords 36 hours before elections

The Prime Minister is thought to have failed to pass a third of approximately 30 Bills he promised in the Queen’s Speech last year. These bills include online safety laws and planning and free speech in universities that will now occur in the next parliamentary year.

A spokesperson for the Government told the Mirror: “Parliament could sit until next Tuesday to ensure all Government business is delivered.”

The backlog of laws at the Lord’s days before the proroguing of Parliament means that many of these will fail to be resolved.

These laws set to be dismissed due to the proroguing of Parliament include criminalising refugees crossing the Channel in dinghy’s and banning noisy protests.

Sources are prepared for late-night battles to see through as many Bills as possible, with the battles potentially extending past the Bank Holiday weekend despite Parliament being due to prorogue on Thursday.

Whips in the House of Lords have forewarned peers that they may have to sit the day before polls open for the local election on Thursday morning.

One source told the Mirror that some peers were seen opening bottles of booze as they engaged in late-night sessions in recent times.

A source in the Lords noted that peers were continuing to face a “brick wall” as they tried to persuade Tory ministers to compromise on the Nationality and Borders bill that is thought will “go to the wire”.

This bill has previously been blocked by the Lords on three occasions, leading to Priti Patel attending the House of Lords late at night in an attempt to pass the legislation before the deadline.

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However, another source told i News that the backlog was “insane” and that “right now they’re just really worried about alienating any wing of the parliamentary party.”

It is thought that 11 out of over 30 bills promised in last year’s Queen’s Speech have been passed, with four due Royal Assent and six stuck in the Lords.



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