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Boris stuns as he makes 2nd surprise trip to Kyiv to hold urgent talks with hero Zelensky

The Prime Minister first visited the capital in April, when he declared ”the United Kingdom stands unwaveringly with them in this ongoing fight”. Announcing his trip in a post on Twitter today, he wrote in a post on Twitter: “Mr President, Volodymyr, it is good to be in Kyiv again.”

A video from the Ukrainian Government is reported to have shown Mr Zelensky greet Mr Johnson with a “hi, Boris” as he arrived at the presidential palace.

The President’s Telegram account also released a message reading: “Many days of this war have proved that Great Britain’s support for Ukraine is firm and resolute.

“Glad to see our country’s great friend Boris Johnson in Kyiv again.”

The meeting, as in April, was kept secret due to security concerns.

In the published photo of their meeting, Mr Johnson holds a notebook marked “5th April”.

On this day, the Prime Minister made a direct appeal to the people of Russia, stressing that “history will remember who looked the other way”.

He, speaking in Russian, added: “Your President stands accused of committing war crimes. But I cannot believe he’s acting in your name.”

In his visit today, Mr Johnson offered to launch a “major training operation for Ukrainian forces”.

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Mr Johnson insisted the UK “will be with you until you ultimately prevail”.

This echoed the message he delivered in April, that “we are in it for the long run”.

But voters in Nottingham earlier this month argued not enough was being done to facilitate peace – that the Government should be talking more with Vladimir Putin, too, to increase, even if just buy a small margin, the likelihood of some form of negotiation.

Pensioner Barbara Finch told we “should not be as involved as we are” – that the imposition of sanctions is suitable but that sending weapons to Ukraine suggests the “human race does not learn its lessons”.

Septuagenarian Stewart Crisp also said leaders from both sides of the war “should be talking more”, and cited the quote attributed to Sir Winston Churchill: “Jaw jaw, not war war.”

Shortly after the Kremlin launched its invasion, a senior diplomat, quoted by Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph, said: “If you look at all the options, our strategic interest is probably best served in a long war, a quagmire that drains [Putin] militarily and economically so he cannot do this again.”



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