Boulder: Six mass shootings have occurred within 40 miles of recent attack

The Kings Sooper shooting in Boulder, Colorado marks the sixth mass shooting to take place within 40 miles of the store.

Ten people were killed Monday after a shooter opened fire inside the grocery store. The attacker was eventually subdued after police stormed the location.

In an interview with CNN, a survivor of the shooting, Ryan Borowski, said that Boulder “feels like a bubble and that bubble burst”.

“It doesn’t feel like there’s anywhere safe anymore, sometimes,” he said.

That feeling of vulnerability may be due to the high concentration of mass shootings in that region.

Mass shootings are generally rare events, despite the intense coverage they receive by news organisations. According to data from Mother Jones’ Mass Shooting Database, the majority of gun deaths in the US – 61 per cent – are the result of suicide. Public mass shootings makes up only 0.2 per cent of gun deaths.

Even though mass shootings are just small ripple in the pool of gun violence, the seemingly random and meaningless loss of life and the potential for it to occur anywhere and at any time can be terrifying.

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