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Braverman hits out at police force for 'identity politics' in defence of paedophile online

When is a male child abuser not a male child abuser? When he says he’s a woman, of course.

That is if you believe the case of Sally Ann Dixon, who has been found guilty of 30 charges of child sex abuse, crimes committed in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he was John Stephen Dixon.

He began transitioning in 2004 but is still in possession of full male genitalia and has no Gender Recognition Certificate to mirror his altered state.

The reason this ludicrous case has emerged is that Sussex Police classified these crimes as being by a woman and when corrected said they would not “tolerate any hateful comments about gender”.

But there is nothing hateful whatsoever about pointing out that the crimes were committed by a man, not a woman, as 98 per cent of sex crimes are.

It is incredibly unusual for a woman to be implicated in anything like this, perhaps because we’re, I don’t know, more maternal than men. But to pretend that a woman did this not only flies in the face of common sense but completely skews the statistics about who commits which crimes.

If you are to trying to protect young children, then you have to identify who they are most at risk from. And the answer, obviously, is men.

I don’t know the details of ­the ghastly John/Sally Ann: perhaps he really does think he’s a woman.

But even if he committed more such horrible crimes today, identifying as Sally Ann, the fact is these crimes would still have been committed ­
by a man.

I might identify as a gazelle but that does not stop me from being a biological woman, whatever strange fantasy I might be entertaining.

I feel sympathy for the police: they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Current orthodoxy is to allow anyone to identify as whatever sex they like, no matter the biological reality and if the Sussex force had refused, they would no doubt be named as misogynist dinosaurs.

But it is not a hate crime to point out that a man is a man. On which note, Sally Ann is being sent to a female prison.

Her fellow inmates, of course, may be at risk from her.

But hey, they’re only women. So does anyone really care?



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