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'Brexit anger' blamed for driving Boris out of the door in 'tragic blood sport'

The PM is facing huge pressure following a string of scandals that have brought the entire Government, as well as his personal leadership under question. For some, the recent events have now become an opportunity to blame the Prime Minister for Brexit, and hence link his policy on leaving the European Union with leaving Downing Street as leader of the party. said in a Tweet: “While politics has always been a blood sport the current discourse is a tragic spectacle to behold.

“It is losing all sense of proportion rather than considering the big picture.”

Replying to this, former Tory member of the European Parliament David Bannerman suggested that Mr Johnson is facing a coup.

He said: “Quite right. This is the blob trying to drive through a coup to get Boris Johnson, because Boris = Brexit.”

Writing on the Brexit Watch website, author and commentator Ewan Stewart said: “The tragedy is not the party. The tragedy is the direction of our country.

“The question should not be should Johnson be forced out by an unholy alliance of those always out to get him over their continuing anger over Brexit and their view of his personality, together with those concerned about double standards in public life.

“Let’s look at a few questions politicians and the media should really be focusing on.

“No doubt you will think of many others and better ones.”

As highlighted by Mr Johnson on several PMQ’s in a row, there are a host of issues aside from Downing Street parties that the country and Government must focus on.

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Mr Stewart argued that public finance and spending should be one of the priorities.

He said: “What is the strategy to stabilise the public finances? Should it focus on deregulation, lower taxes, a smaller state and vibrant private sector – or, as the general discourse seems to prefer, state action, high tax and control?

“Why has the UK economy materially underperformed over the last generation of the US, Australian and Canadian economies?

“Has our ability to outperform against a weak Euro clouded our judgement?

“Why has the EU underperformed every other major economic bloc over the last 25 years and what lessons can we learn?”

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The author considered the ongoing impact on the global environment.

With the UK having recently hosted the COP26 forum in Glasgow, thoughts are fast fading over the pledges and promises made by the Government after the focus turned to “bring your own booze parties.”

Mr Stewart also spoke of national infrastructure, in particular focusing on the NHS and education.

He writes: “Why were Tesco and Sainsbury able to operate effectively over lockdown when virtually all the public sector was not?

“How are we going to address the collapse in public sector productivity? What lessons have we learned from this to avoid such a divergent performance again?

“What lessons can be learned from prioritising one variable only, Covid-19 over general healthcare? How will rationing in the NHS be solved? Do we believe the service culture in the NHS matches the private sector?

“Why have the teaching unions been allowed to put a gun to the head of the Government over masks, remote learning, exams and the like?

“Why have state schools generally materially underperformed private schools in their ‘can do’ attitude and what is Government doing about this?”

Summing up, Mr Stewart said Mr Johnson should now focus on the tasks at hand, not for himself, but for the country.

He said: “Whomever the Prime Minister is, is to challenge the lamentable permanent bureaucracy in this land who have made so many disastrous calls.
“That group will never forgive Johnson for Brexit anyway.

“Going along with their agenda will not save his skin, tackling them head-on for the shambles they are just might.



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