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Brexit buster! Huge win as new sea route bypassing EU mainland 'up and running'

A sea route between Morocco and Britain, opened since Britain left the EU, has dramatically reduced the transport time between the two countries, improving trade links and even benefiting the environment. The route has also been hailed for guaranteeing a greater freshness of products traded between the nations.

It opened towards the end of last year.

The UK’s Ambassador to Morocco, Simon Martin, said the route will greatly improve relations between the nations.

He told the Le360 news network: “To my knowledge, this route will be the first direct maritime line between our two countries for a long time.

“From September [2021], there will be a weekly service between the two ports.

“It will be faster, cheaper and this connection will encourage more trade between the two countries.”

More recently, Captain Brian Murphy, marine and port director at Poole Harbour Commissioners, celebrated benefits the route will bring for both Britain and Morocco.

The route has been established between Tangier and Poole.

It is being managed by British company United Seaways.

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In the 12 months to October 2021, UK exports of goods to Morocco increased by 27.3 percent.

Growth of imports from Morocco was even higher, at 55.4 percent.

Initially, the route will be used for freight only.

Ships will be able to use the line to avoid other, busier routes and prevent shipping delays.

But Mr Martin hinted it could later be used for other means.

He said: “I think there will be a great demand for passenger service, not just freight. But to begin with, it will only be freight.”



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