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Brexit LIVE: EU 'disbelief and dismay' over UK 'reckless' plans to breach hated protocol

Labour has warned that future trade deals could be affected by threats to change parts of the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Shadow Foreign Office minister Stephen Doughty said: “Britain should be a country that keeps its word.

“The rest of the world is looking at us and wondering if we are a country that they want to do business with.

“When we seek to negotiate new deals abroad, does the Government want to make other countries question whether we will keep our end of the bargain?

“There are wide-ranging and damaging repercussions undermining our ability to hold others to account for their own commitments, when we should, for example, be pulling together in support of Ukraine, not fuelling divisions with our European allies.”

He later asked: “Will they set out clearly to the House why this doesn’t break international law?”



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