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Brexit LIVE: EU fears ‘radical’ new UK leader will send relationship to new all-time low

The EU is accelerating its plans to ban a gas vital for the use of heat pumps amid pressure from climate activists.

Antony Ashkenaz reports: “New proposed plans aim to cut HFC use in EU industries down to a mere five percent by 2030, and experts have warned that the UK could follow suit. However, experts have warned that an accelerated ban on these gases could hamstring the rollout of heat pumps in the UK and EU.

“The fears of an HFC gas shortage have also worsened by the spike in demand for air conditioners following the record-breaking heatwave in Europe.

“Martyn Cooper, commercial manager at the UK’s Federation of Environmental Trade Associations, which represents heating and cooling companies, including the heat-pump industry, told the Telegraph: ‘The bottom line is there wouldn’t be enough f-gases to service existing equipment in the market, be they heat pumps or not.’”

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