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Brexit LIVE: Europhiles savaged for 'near-deranged' response to British tariff bonfire

Europhiles have been savaged for their “near deranged” response to the fact the UK has removed the remaining tariffs on Ukrainian imports.

In 2014, Ukraine and the EU (then including the UK) signed a deal removing most tariffs but leaving some in place – a deal that Britain inherited after Brexit.

Last week, Britain removed the remaining tariffs and Kyiv is calling for the EU to do the same.

However, Daniel Hannan, adviser to the Board of Trade, said that the reaction of europhiles to this news was “near deranged”, adding that they “simply refused to accept what had happened.

Mr Hannan shared a number of tweets from europhiles claiming that he was spreading misinformation and that the EU had removed the tariffs five years ago.

Below the tweets, he said: “Yet the facts remain. Britain has removed the remaining tariffs. The EU has not.

“If Europhiles truly cared, they would add their voices to those in Kyiv urging Brussels to lift restrictions on exports – even if only the checks on goods transiting to the UK. But that wo



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