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Brexit LIVE: Truss faces backlash over 'illegal' bill as former Tory leader slams Boris

Theresa May has warned that the EU will not at this time offer fresh concessions in the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol row because Brussels leaders will be questioning how long Boris Johnson has left in office following his narrow confidence vote win.

The former Prime Minister told the House of Commons: “My experience was – the EU look very carefully at the political situation in any country.

“I discovered after I had faced a no-confidence vote, despite having won, they then start to ask themselves ‘is it really worth negotiating with these people in government because will they actually be there in any period of time?’

“I suspect they are saying to themselves, why should they negotiate in detail with a Government that shows itself willing to sign an agreement, claim it as a victory and then try to tear part of it up in less than three years’ time.”



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