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Brexiteer calls out 'real villains' after EU underestimates UK immigration by 1.6 million

Ben Habib reacted angrily to reports that EU immigration to the UK 

The former Brexit Party MEP told TalkRADIO: “I mean it is quite interesting isn’t it the way Brexiteers were lambasted as being racist.

“Simply because they wanted to control immigration into the country.

“Whereas actually the real villain here, if you like, is the people who hid these figures, who didn’t count these figures properly.

“Who were dishonest with the British people, hiding away this mass immigration into the country.”

Mr Habib added: “It is the same people who were also bemoaning low productivity in the UK, lack of wage growth, inability for our economy to take off.

“Well of course if you produce lots of cheap unskilled labour into the UK you are going to keep wage growth down.

“You are going to keep the indigenous population unemployed, you are going to have low productivity.

“It is bad for the economy.”



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