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Brigitte Macron may stay slim with 'portion control' and exercise for 'lean muscles'

Brigitte Macron was seen with her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron, last week as the two attended the G7 summit in Germany. Brigitte arrived at the summit’s welcoming ceremony wearing a stylish all-beige ensemble. She also donned a sporty outfit to go Nordic walking with the other partners of the G7 leaders.

Wearing a pair of slim, sporty-looking jeans, a blouse, and a pair of white trainers, Brigitte looked as if she was no stranger to a little hiking.

The French First Lady has a healthy lifestyle and it is thanks to her diet and fitness regime that she is so slim.

What is her diet like?

According to Guillaume Gomez, former head chef at the Elysée, Emmanuel and Brigitte are very traditional when it comes to food.

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“It’s likely she is eating lots of salad, then lean protein like fish.”

With the quantity of fruit, veg, and fish Brigitte seems to be consuming, it appears that she follows the Mediterranean diet, which consists of these ingredients.

According to top nutrition expert Dr Michael Mosley, the Mediterranean diet is “one of the healthiest diets in the world”.

It also includes a lot of olive oil, wholegrains, lentils, legumes, healthy fats, potatoes, nuts, and fatty fish.

Exercise is just as important as diet to stay slim and healthy.

Personal trainer Pat Henry suggested Brigitte’s slender frame is thanks to a combination of Pilates and symmetrical exercises.

“She doesn’t use heavy weights as they could bulk up the bum or legs,” he explained.

“Doing 15-20 reps of light weights helps to tone. Pilates was originally designed for dancers to elongate their muscles.

“Pilates on its own won’t tone, but will definitely give long, lean muscles.”

Brigitte shows off her slim legs often – she isn’t afraid to don short skirts no matter what her age.

Speaking about the French First Lady to L’Express in 2017, art director Delphine de Canecaude called her a “mega wonderwoman”.

She added: “She’s rock’n’roll. Not for a second does she say, ‘I’m 64, so I cannot wear short skirts’. Twelve-inch heels, sleeveless dresses, leather trousers, she dares to wear everything.”



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