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Bringing democracy back! Frost slams Remainer claims Brexit stifled people’s freedoms

Instead, the former Brexit Secretary said that leaving the EU was about “bringing democracy home”. It has given the UK the power to forge its own destiny – where it succeeds or fails, he said.

And now the UK has left the bloc, it is the job of Brexiteers like him to “win the argument” that leaving has increased democracy as well as opening up markets for Global Britain.

Appealing on GB News this evening, he said: “Brexit was about bringing politics home, it was about bringing democracy back to Britain so we could set our own rules.

“Make our own destiny in the world again.

“That means we’ve got to win the arguments here again.

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“But they are futures that we choose now as British people – forging our own destiny in the world.

“Making our own future – succeeding or failing on our own two feet.”

His comments were quickly praised by many Twitter users.

Debbie Eaton wrote: “Oh my goodness, it was really lovely to hear

David Frost speak to the nation in this intimate setting.

“Boris can stay for now, but Prime Minister Frost would be the true Churchillian leader we need. Find the man a constituency.”

Diane Smith posted: “What an absolute joy to listen to Lord Frost just now.”

Trish wrote: “Great great interview I was glued!!!

“A real coup to get David Frost What a nice and extremely clever man.

“He should be helping Boris Johnson make better decisions or run the country himself!”



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