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Britain's loneliest dog? Unwanted rescue pooch still waiting for home after 500 days

The RSPCA has launched a special appeal for Buddy, who is the longest-staying resident at their Brett Knoll Animal Centre in Somerset. The 10-year-old terrier reached the heartbreaking milestone of 500 days in kennels on Sunday.

Buddy came into the charity’s care after a vet refused his previous owner’s request to put him down because of his behaviour.

The white-and-tan terrier has been working with behaviourists since arriving at the rescue centre and has come on in leaps and bounds.

They have found that Buddy loves toys and his favourites are squeaky balls.

Behaviourists have used positive reinforcement training methods, where he is given rewards for being a good boy.

Buddy has also started eating from activity feeders to provide him with extra stimulation.

The RSPCA is looking for a “very special” home for him with patient and experienced owners.

Katy Darelli, deputy manager at Brent Knoll Animal Centre, said: “This cute lad is an affectionate chap who sadly had a less than ideal relationship with his previous owner.

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“This life will need to be free from confrontation, other dogs and other identified stressors.

“Like so many animals who come into our care, it can take months of care, time and love to get them to a stage where they are ready for a new home but we don’t give up on these animals, everyone deserves a second chance.”

Find out more about Buddy here.



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