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British ‘holiday hooligans’ trash hotel rooms and ‘frighten’ guests in Algarve chaos

“We couldn’t go in the apartments because they’d blocked themselves inside saying they didn’t want room service. 

“We had the passport details of 20 of them but when staff got in on Sunday they discovered three other men who weren’t even checked in.” 

After receiving no help from the police, Jose contacted the UK Foreign Office on an emergency number. 

He said: “We’ve dealt with a lot of the financial damage that was caused but we’re struggling to replace a PVC door that was broken and I’ve had to close an apartment I’d normally be renting for around £160 a day until I can get it fixed.

“And I’m worried about the damage to the apart-hotel’s reputation and the negative reviews on social media because that could be a lot worse. I’m 66 years old and I’ve never experienced a situation like this.



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