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British man, 32, stabbed in Ibiza party resort in horror attack 'It's not safe!'

Police have only revealed brief details of the incident but have confirmed they are investigating. The victim was a 32-year-old Brit but it is not known if he lives on the island or was on holiday. Local residents are suggesting he might have been the target for a gang of thieves who have been spotted in the holiday resort.

One local man said he was robbed after going out for a meal with family and friends when he was set upon by a group of foreign men who blocked his path when walking home at 4am. He says they stole his mobile, sunglasses and wallet, even though he had it secured to his body by a chain.

“They ran away but came back five minutes later and returned my wallet when they realised I wasn’t a tourist,” he tweeted. “However, the 35 euros inside had been stolen and I didn’t get the phone back.”

Police haven’t said whether the British man was mugged but confirmed he had been stabbed or slashed during some kind of fight.

It happened at dawn on Saturday in the area of Doctor Fleming avenue in San Antonio where the authorities are trying to crackdown on so-called drunken behaviour. The resort is one of three party hotspots in the Balearic Islands where tough new regulations have been introduced, including a ban on drinking in the street and alcohol offers.

The police say several people were involved in some sort of “brawl” at around 6am. The emergency services were called out and initially treated the British man at the scene. He was then taken to a local health centre. According to the Ibizan press, he suffered a wound to his thigh but it was described as “a minor injury.”

The Civil Guard has opened an investigation and is trying to find the alleged attacker.

Local residents claim San Antonio “is not a safe place to be after the sun goes down” and that anyone who walks alone is likely to be robbed.

One angry resident told Periodico de Ibiza: “Wonderful! The season has already started! It is a great pity but Sant Antoni is the garbage dump of Ibiza (and the Balearic Islands).”



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