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British tourists can be fined up to £2,600 for breaking laws in Italy – full list

Incredible historical sites, world-renowned cuisine and gorgeous beaches, it’s no surprise that Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But holidaymakers will need to be careful not to fall foul of one of the country’s tourism laws.

Sardinia has one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines and its famed white sand draws thousands of tourists.

However, the region’s white sand is fiercely protected and tourists can be fined up to 3,000 euros (£2,600) for stealing it.

Tourists who take the sand as a souvenir could severely damage the ecosystem and are likely to be fined if they are found with it.

Venice has hit the headlines recently due to the city’s plans to introduce a new tourist tax for daytrippers.

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While tourists may soon have to pay a fee to visit the romantic city, they will also need to watch out for some tricky laws.

Local police can fine tourists up to 500 euros (£431) if they are caught taking a dip in one of Venice’s famous canals.

A couple of American tourists provoked outrage when they were spotted taking a nude swim in the water last month.

In 2019, two German tourists were fined and asked to leave Venice when they were caught using a camping stove to make coffee on the steps of the city’s Rialto Bridge.


An American tourist shocked locals when she caused £21,000 of damage by throwing an electric scooter down the monument.

Tourists in Rome are fortunate to be able to enjoy free drinking water from one of the city’s 2,500 drinking fountains.

However, visitors could incur a fine if they don’t cup their hands to direct the water into the mouth and let their mouth touch the spout.

While some of Italy’s laws might annoy tourists, the water fountain rules are unlikely to cause many complaints.



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