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BT broadband beware! Vodafone's clever new Wi-Fi is faster and cheaper

There’s a new way to get broadband beamed around your home and it could offer the ultimate solution to an age-old problem. Vodafone has just announced the launch of its latest broadband upgrade which it says will fix the nightmare of blackspots in the deepest corners of the home along with keeping customers online even if there’s a major fibre outage.

This new Pro II package features the very latest Wi-Fi 6E technology which is not only able to cope with faster download speeds but also allows more devices to connect at once and still get blisteringly quick internet access.

Although Wi-Fi 6 can’t make the physical speeds coming in through the walls any faster it can make sure the signal stays strong in all rooms. This new router technology is also generally more reliable than older Wi-Fi 5 devices which could be especially handy for homes that are packed with connected devices. In fact, Vodafone says users won’t notice any sluggish performance even when more than 140 gadgets are using it at the same time.

Vodafone is so confident in this new service that it says customers are guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage throughout their home, or they can leave their contract for free.

Just like the firm’s original Pro package, the new router also features 4G mobile data access inside which automatically kicks in the moment any fixed-line issues are detected.

That means those with this bundle should never be without a connection to the web. Finally, there’s a neat new design that makes it look far more appealing when placed in a prime position in your living room.

It’s worth noting that BT offers a very similar proposition called Halo but Vodafone says it beats its biggets rival thanks to that Wi-Fi 6 technology and much lower prices.

The cost for Pro II starts from just £34 per month which is a whopping £40 cheaper than BT’s cheapest Halo 3+ deal.

Here are how the bundles compare:


• Superfast 2 – 67Mbps • £34 per month

• Superfast 100 – 100Mbps • £37

• Ultrafast 500 – 500Mbps • £40

• Gigafast 900 – 900Mbps • £55


• Fibre – 75Mbps • £75 per month

• Full Fibre 100 – 100Mbps • £79

• Full Fibre 500 – 500Mbps • £84.99

• Full Fibre 900 – 900Mbps • £89.99

If you fancy giving it a try, Vodafone is offering this service by calling its hotline or heading in store. More details can be found here.

Speaking about the launch of Pro II, Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer Vodafone UK, said: “Vodafone Pro II sets the new standard for the UK broadband market. It combines the UK’s fastest and most reliable WiFi technology in the all new Vodafone Ultra Hub router with the UK’s largest full fibre footprint.”



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