Caitlyn Jenner won’t admit that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election: ‘I’m not going to get into that’

Caitlyn Jenner has declined to clarify who she thinks won the 2020 US election.

Visiting The View on Thursday (10 June), the former reality television star, 71, who is running for governor of California had a tense back-and-forth with co-host Joy Behar around who won the 2020 election.

“I want to ask you something before we go because we’re out of time. Something that’s important for me to know,” Behar began. “You say that you’re a Republican, and I’m just wondering because a lot of Republicans in this country believe that Donald Trump won the election, and not Joe Biden. Are you one of those people, one of those Republicans?”

“I’m not going to get into that. That election is over with,” said Jenner.

“I think Donald Trump did do some good things,” Jenner continued. “What I liked about Donald Trump is that he was a disrupter.”

“But did he win? Did he win the election?” countered Behar.

“He was a disrupter when he was president,” replied Jenner. “I want to do the same thing. I want to go in and be a thoughtful disrupter in Sacramento. We need to change the system. I want to change that system for the positive. I’m in it for the people.”

Jenner is currently one of several Republican candidates in the GOP’s effort to recall the state’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom.

Earlier in the month, Jenner was mocked for a rambling CNN interview in which she said “a guy called Lee” and other “budget people” helped her understand the state’s economy.

Jenner also defended her lack of experience for the position by highlighting how her entrepreneurial journey has trained her to be the governor of California.

She said: “I have been in the entrepreneurial world. People think — you’ve been in show business, think of you as a reality star. Certainly, I’ve done that, but entertainment is a business, and you have to run that business.”

“But I’ve also done other things. We sold a billion dollars worth of exercise equipment on television. I’ve had aviation companies. I’ve just always been involved in being an entrepreneur and tried to inspire my children to do the same thing. And they’ve done very well in that department.”

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