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Camping hacks for summer trips: ‘Save space’ and keep cool by ‘freezing’ essential item

As the cost of living crisis causes the price of holidays to surge, camping holidays are a great cheaper alternative. There are also a few fail-safe hacks campers can use to elevate their trip.

Wellness brand, Goodrays, found several great camping tips to help British holidaymakers this summer.

Founder Eoin Keenan, said: “Use frozen drink bottles as freezer blocks.

“Save space and make sure everything you pack has a purpose by freezing bottles of your favourite drinks and using them as ice packs in your cooler box.

“Whether that’s orange cartons, water bottles or fizzy drinks, get them in the freezer for ice-cold storage.”

Freezing drinks is a fantastic way to save space and keeps perishable items below room temperature.

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The frozen drinks can also be used to cool down campers if the UK experiences a heatwave this summer.

Keenan added: “Start a campfire using egg boxes or lint from your tumble dryer.

“Forget rubbing sticks together, we’ve surpassed the caveman days and can confirm using used egg boxes or lint from the tumble dryer is a great way to repurpose products.

“Both highly flammable, they can help keep everyone warm around the campfire.”

Before starting a campfire, Britons will need to check the regulations in their chosen camping destination.


Keenan added: “Research has shown substantial support for the assertion that there is a positive correlation between nature-based recreation and mental health.

“Studies show that exposure to green spaces and more time spent in nature can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, resilience, restoration and can decrease levels of anxiety and stress.

“Camping can be a great way to incorporate all of these positive activities into one, whilst also being a great way to spend time with others.

“Wherever you’re getting ready to pitch your tent this summer, make it as fun, easy and enjoyable as possible with these quirky hacks that will help you recoup and recharge.”



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