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Canary Islands’ best island named for beaches, weather, beauty and sunsets

Going to Spain for a holiday is a popular option for Britons. With plenty of sun, fun and sea, Spain and its islands offer the prospect of a great holiday.

The Canary Islands are one of Britons’ favourite holiday destinations.

With eight islands to choose from, however, holidaymakers may wonder which is best to visit on their next holiday.

Each island in the Canaries offers something different, which means there is no all-round best island.

The most popular Canary island, according to website Capture the Atlas, was Tenerife, the largest of the islands.

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With plenty of things to do, two airports and a choice of white sand beaches in the south and black sand beaches in the north, Tenerife will tick everyone’s boxes.

Outdoors enthusiasts also favour Tenerife, which boasts the highest peak in Spain, the Teide volcano. 

For families and the best nightlife, Gran Canaria was holidaymakers’ best bet.

The city of Las Palmas is a major draw, and so are the white sand beaches of the island.

The Maspalomas dunes are also extremely popular with tourists.


Gran Canaria has many tourist resorts which offer plenty of activities for children, and website Capture the Atlas named the island best for families.

The website, however, named La Palma as the most beautiful island.

La Palma’s natural beauty and its tranquillity were noted, with the island staying relatively under the radar of many holidaymakers.

CondeNast Traveller reported Canarians called the island La Isla Bonita, the Pretty Island.

The island is also a Biosphere Reserve, the first of the Canaries to be designated in 1983.

For weather, the best Canary island was Lanzarote.

Capture the Atlas also named it “the best island” all-round, with both beaches and volcanoes, culture and good wine and food.

For beaches, Fuerteventura was named the best island.

With great beaches, sand dunes and water sports, Fuerteventura could be Britons’ best bet for a beach holiday.

El Hierro was named the cheapest island in the Canaries.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is bursting at the seams with natural beauty.

It is best explored on foot, something very manageable due to its small size.

La Gomera was named best for quiet and relaxation and was designated a World Biosphere Reserve in 2011.

A major attraction to the island is the Garajonay Natural Park.

With infrequent flights to the island, one of the easiest ways to reach La Gomera is to get a ferry from Tenerife.

CondeNast Traveller noted La Gomera is considered the most authentic Canary island.

They also mentioned it had some of the best cuisine.

The last Canary island, La Graciosa, was best for sunsets.

There isn’t an airport on the island, so holidaymakers will need to get a ferry from Lanzarote.

La Graciosa’s protected waters were also described as some of the best places to dive in the world.

The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has limited development.



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