Wearing TWO masks could help in the fight against coronavirus

Wearing TWO masks like Joe Biden could help in the fight against coronavirus by blocking more than 90% of infectious particles, research suggests A cloth mask over a surgical mask gives ‘maximal protection,’ scientists say  President-elect Joe Biden often wore two masks 

The hospitals where Covid admissions are FALLING

Coronavirus patient numbers may have already peaked in almost a seventh of hospitals in England, official figures suggest as an ICU doctor today warned care may have to be rationed if admissions continue to surge. Some 20 of 138 acute NHS trusts

Two babies 'caught' cancer from their mothers during childbirth

Two children in Japan ‘caught’ cancer from their mothers, in a rare medical phenomenon, new case reports.  They likely inhaled cancer cells from their mothers, each of whom unwittingly had cervical cancer.  The children each developed lung cancer years later.   A baby