Is there anyone listening?

What would possibly drive a mother to take the life of her child? It seems almost unfathomable.  But last week, 40-year-old Olga Freeman pleaded guilty to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility after suffocating her severely autistic ten-year-old son Dylan last summer. Described

New weapon in battle with cancer caused by asbestos

Patients who have been hit by deadly asbestos lung cancer are living longer, healthier lives thanks to a breakthrough immune-boosting therapy. Results from a trial show the drug nivolumab can help keep the aggressive disease mesothelioma at bay for months or even

HEALTH NOTES: Antibiotics 'help treat depression'

HEALTH NOTES: Antibiotics ‘help treat depression’ By Mail on Sunday Reporter Published: 17:20 EST, 30 January 2021 | Updated: 17:20 EST, 30 January 2021 Antibiotics could be used to treat certain forms of depression, say British researchers. Doctors at South London and

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