Robot vacuums go out of control after software update

A software update has sent Roomba robot vacuums out of control. Owners report their vacuums are behaving as if they are “drunk”, bumping into furniture, losing their sense of direction and failing to find their way home. Since the vacuums must return

9 rules royal children have to follow

While the rules are stricter for more senior members of the royal family, with relatives such as Princess Eugenie allowed to bend the restrictions slightly, they are no less stringent for the royal children. From rules around appropriate clothing to official protocol

New wearable turns your body into a battery

Scientists have figured out a way to turn the human body into a battery through a low-cost wearable device. Through a small thermoelectric generator that can be worn as a ring or bracelet, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder were able

The ultimate sweet potato ravioli recipe hack

“Making your own pasta for ravioli is fun, but can be time-consuming. This is the ultimate shortcut, using lasagne sheets simply boiled until soft and folded over to enclose the rich sweet and savoury sweet potato filling,” says Rosie Reynolds. “Frying the

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