Is This the End of the Mink Coat?

P erhaps no film better illustrates the role of the mink coat in American pop culture than “BUtterfield 8,” the 1960 film starring Elizabeth Taylor as a promiscuous socialite whose theft of a fur sets off a chain of events that leads

The Year of Telfar

I n January 2020, around the time word first began to leak of Covid-19 in China, Telfar Clemens, the queer Liberian American designer who has been preaching the gospel of inclusivity for 15 years, had a wine-drenched banquet and sleepover for more

Will lab-grown meat be better for the animals we eat?

T he Singapore Food Agency has approved “chicken bites” containing meat made from real chicken cells that were grown outside of a chicken’s body. Alongside similar news from Israel, the Singapore ruling is being hailed as a watershed moment for cultured meat

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